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1. Name: just call me Tahl
2. Favorite Enjolras: Michael Maguire. Since I was 6. I love this man. My first crush
3. Favorite Enjolras Quote: I do not doubt you mean it well, but now there is a higher cause! Who cares about your lonely soul? we strive towrds a larger goal. Our little live's don't count at all!
4. Favorite Version of Les Mis: The musical, and i'm sorry but just because i LOVE Liam Neeson the 1998 movie.....don't hit me.
5. Favorite Character in Les Mis Other Than Enjolras: Jevert. When i was little, for some reason i flipped when ever Jevert came on. DOn;t ask...thought he was cool. When i first saw the show...when i was 7.... and Jervert said "AND I AM JERVERT! Do not forget my name...do not forget me..." I screamed "DON'T WORRY I WON'T!" everyone around me laughed....yeah.
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